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Why is Your Car Smoking?

Smoking Car

A smoking car never indicates a good thing, but how bad it is may depend on the underlying cause. Not only are you at risk of being left stranded on the side of the road, a smoking car may develop more serious damage if you delay visiting your mechanic. Even if the smoke isn’t indicative of a problem, you’re spewing pollutants into the air and you’ll never pass Department of Environmental Quality testing. Here are some tips for diagnosing your car’s bad smoking habit.

Smoking from the Tailpipe

If smoke is coming from your car’s tailpipe, it may be difficult to determine whether what you’re seeing is actually smoke or another type of exhaust problem. In any case, other than on cold mornings, exhaust should be invisible. If the smoke coming out is whitish in color, that may indicate water in the exhaust line and a problem in the cooling system. Blue smoke indicates burning oil, while gray or black smoke may indicate an overly rich fuel mixture, a clogged air filter, a cracked core shaft, problems in the emissions system or a dozen other possible issues.

Smoking from the Engine Compartment

If smoke starts to billow out from under your hood, your immediate attention has been requested. If you’re driving, pull safely out of traffic and stop until you can identify the source of the problem, to avoid a potential fire. Smoke or steam coming from the engine compartment could mean anything from a coolant leak to bad valves. It may also be an electrical malfunction, the smoke resulting from burning wires. A bad thermostat can allow your vehicle to overheat and smoke, as can a bad water pump.

What to Do if Your Car is Smoking

Whenever you notice smoke, steam or anything unusual coming from your car, a visit to your mechanic is in order. He or she will run a series of diagnostic tests on your engine’s compression, cooling and transmission systems. With a little luck, the resolution may be as simple as changing your air filter, topping off fluids or replacing a leaky hose. If the issue is more serious, especially if you continued to drive your car after you noticed the smoke, you may have to replace engine valves, cylinders or piston rings. In extreme cases, a new or rebuilt engine may be the best option.

In the Sandy and Salt Lake areas, Emission Time provides a wide variety of car repair services as well as DEQ testing and on-the-spot vehicle registration renewals. Their convenient locations and fast service make Emission Time the perfect place to visit if you see smoke coming from your car.

How to Get Utah Personalized Plates

Utah Vanity Plate

Utah personalized plates are a great way to promote your business, support your favorite sports team or show your school solidarity. Utah offers two types of regular plates for personalization along with dozens of special interest plates for passenger vehicles and motorcycles. The process for application is straightforward. As long as you abide by the rules for what messages can and can’t be used, your creativity is the only limitation you’ll face.

Standard Utah Personalized License Plates

The two standard style choices reflect Utah’s tourism slogan, “Life Elevated.” One features a skier in action with the phrase, “Greatest Snow on Earth.” The other portrays Delicate Arch in vivid colors. Cost for personalized plates is currently $58 plus an additional $10 each year upon renewal. To apply, use the TC-817 form, found on the Utah DMV website. You can mail the form in with a check or apply online at the MVP vehicle portal. This same procedure is also used for requesting special interest or disability plates.

Special Interest License Plates

In addition to the standard selections, almost 50 types of specialty group license plates are available. Most can be personalized or selected with a standard license number. Military veteran licenses are available for all branches of the armed forces, as well as for Purple Heart recipients, disabled veterans, Pearl Harbor survivors and former prisoners of war. Thirteen collegiate choices are available, representing various Utah colleges and universities. Utah Housing Opportunity plates are available for Realtors, and the Amateur Radio Operator choice is perfect for ham operators. You can support cancer research, autism awareness, children’s issues, public education, search and rescue, humanitarian service and clean air. The cost for special interest licenses varies depending on the cause.

What You Can’t Have on Your Utah Vanity Plates

Like most states, Utah checks all personalized license plate applications for prohibited references. Your message can’t be vulgar or obscene and it can’t refer to any illicit substances or criminal acts. It also cannot portray any type of contempt or ridicule of gender, race, religion, ethnic heritage or political beliefs. Finally, plates cannot make reference to general welfare threats or public harm. Standard vanity plates limit characters to seven, with a maximum of four characters for motorcycle plates and five for special interests. Your personalization can’t be the same combination of characters as any other plate currently issued or in use.

In Sandy and Salt Lake City, Emission Time provides vehicle emissions testing and on-the-spot vehicle registration renewal, in addition to a full range of automotive repair services including oil changes and brake service. If you’re stuck for ideas for your Utah personalized plates, how about “CLEAN O2?”